Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Musicals and the Gospel

So anyone who knows me knows that I love musicals. I can talk about them all day if someone will listen. My dream is to one day become a Broadway actor. I love the feeling of performing in front of people and giving them something to enjoy. That is the whole reason of musicals; to transport you to a place where you can forget about your own troubles and worries.

So how does this relate to the Gospel? I believe the Gospel is very similar, because through the teachings of Jesus Christ we can forget our troubles and move on to something better. The Gospel can take you to a place that is better than the one you are already in. It can bring you to a place that helps you not worry about everything in life.

Another reason that I love musicals is because they teach a lesson. In one of my favorite musicals, West Side Story, there is a great quote at the end. The character Maria has just lost her love, and she says. "All of you! You all killed him... Not with bullets, or guns, with hate..." That line is so powerful and true. Hate is what makes us make bad decisions. Now, it doesn't necessarily lead us to kill someone, but hate leads us to do things that we will later regret in life.

Now, there are happier lessons also. Another favorite of mine is Into the Woods. This is a quote from the character Cinderella. All night she has been running from the Prince after the ball, and she says, "Opportunity is not a lengthy visitor." So from that we can learn that whenever something good comes along, like the Gospel, or new revelation from the Prophets, we should take advantage of their counsel. If we don't, then when we come before our Heavenly Father at Judgement, we will regret not listening and doing what the Prophets told us to do.

We can learn so much from the Gospel, just like we can from musicals. You may think I am weird for loving musicals, but I have learned so much from them. People may think that us Mormons are weird for believing what we believe, but in the end what we believe will enable us to return and live with our Heavenly Father. I know that this Gospel is true, and I know that by abiding by the teachings of the Prophets and the scriptures, we will gain eternal life. And just for the heck of it, go see a musical! You can learn many valuable lessons from those also!

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