Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Everything's Coming Up Roses"

Sometimes I wonder why people complain so much. "I'm not tall enough." "I wish I looked like so and so." Don't people realize that we are so privileged in this world? Let's "look on the bright side of life."

We have everything going for us in this life. All of the technology that we have is amazing. We are lucky to be living at this time. Granted, there are a lot of bad things in this world. But someone is always pulling for us. And that someone would be Jesus Christ. He always wants us to be happy.

As always, I have a musical that I want to use for an analogy. In the musical Gypsy, the mother, Rose, just learned that her other daughter, the star of the show, left her. At first she is dumbfounded. Then she decides that this isn't the end. It's a brand new beginning.

As Rose says, "Now's your inning. Stand the world on it's ear! Send it spinning!" Right now is OUR moment. We have been saved to come down here at this time. Like I said earlier, we have everything going for us. Jesus Christ has put so many things for us to use to further the Gospel. For example, we have the internet. And with the internet we have,, and so many other resources.

So let's stop worrying and complaining about what we DON'T have, and start using and appreciating what we DO have. As Rose says, "This is just the beginning!" I promise that as we use what we have, the Lord will provide ways for us to accomplish even greater things.

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